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Fleet of 31 Riviera motor yachts escape to North Stradbroke Island

R Marine Crawley of Runaway Bay in Queensland, representing Australia’s largest luxury motor yacht builder Riviera, recently led an impressive fleet of 31 Riviera motor yachts on a long weekend making their way to a sheltered anchorage on North Stradbroke Island for ‘the most relaxing’ long weekend escape.

The sun sparkled silver on the Gold Coast’s Broadwater as most of the group gathered north of Sovereign Islands on the Saturday morning. Greeted by Ben Crawley and idyllic conditions, they were led north for a leisurely morning’s cruise to Deanbilla Bay on ‘North Straddie’.

“The whole experience was an absolute pleasure,” said Lyn Nicholas. It was Lyn and husband Stewart’s third R Marine Crawley event in 18 months aboard their first Riviera, Success, a 57 Enclosed Flybridge.

“It was a wonderful social event and the cruising conditions were fantastic there and back,” said Stewart. “The Crawley group are amazing – the way they look after everyone, how well everything is organised and how it all flows so smoothly.”

On arrival, Lyn and Stewart relaxed into their anchorage near Dunwich while the Crawley team set up barbecue facilities on a nearby secluded beach.

“We could sit back and relax before landing on the beach with our drinks and nibbles for the afternoon and sunset. It’s terrific to get together with a whole bunch of likeminded people and be a part of that community,” said Stewart.

“We’ve been boating for 30 years and we’re confident on the water, but we suffer from going to the same places so joining the Crawley crew means we get to experience something different and new.”

Bringing people together

The weekend’s company was also a pleasure for Lyn. “The Crawley team are such a nice and approachable group and they’re really good at bringing people together. We came from all different walks of life, some younger, others older, and everyone got along really well.”

Aboard the 31 Riviera motor yachts were nearly 100 people who had the opportunity to relish the weekend affair.

For Jenny and Russell Paul on their third Riviera, a 6000 Sport Yacht named Opal, the weekend’s socialising was also a drawcard, on top of the seafood!

“We spent a couple of hours on the Saturday afternoon on the beach mingling, talking and drinking and then the seafood on the Sunday was just fabulous – the prawns were delicious,” said Jenny.

Held annually, this year’s Seafood Spectacular boasted fresh prawns direct from the trawler and freshly shucked oysters among other mouth-watering delights, accompanied by live music.

“We rafted up with two other boats and simply had a nice relaxing long weekend with friends. We’d brought friends with us on Opal and after a weekend like that and on the 6000 I’d say that they’re probably very keen to get into boating as well.”

Jenny described the space aboard the 6000 Sport Yacht as ‘just amazing’.

The galley’s awning window and a rear glass sliding door connects the saloon and cockpit area – which is also very generous – into a spacious entertainment zone, topped off with a transom barbecue centre.

“You could just live there it’s so spacious; it’s a very social boat. We find that people migrate to our boat because it’s great for entertaining.”

The Pauls have owned Riviera motor yachts for a decade and experience trips organised by R Marine Crawley have become a big part of their boating life.

“We’ve met lovely friends through these events and now we all boat together. It gives you the experience to tackle the trips on your own and you know that the Crawley team are just a phone call away for support if you need.

“It was a fabulous weekend with likeminded people that love boating and relaxing!” laughed Jenny.

Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst commended the team at R Marine Crawley for organising another memorable weekend escape for motor yacht owners, their family and friends.

“There’s always a great camaraderie to be found when our Riviera family get together on the many boating experiences organised by our representatives around the world.

“Our Riviera Experience trips provide an opportunity for our yacht owners to explore new boating destinations with confidence and to make the most of their Riviera yachts by sharing special moments such as these with old and new friends.”

The Riviera fleet heading north from the Gold Coast waterways to the islands of lower Morton Bay

These Riviera motor yacht owners are rafted up and ready for entertaining


R Marine Crawley mascot Ralph observes proceedings on the big weekend adventure

Relaxing ashore at Deanbilla Bay where the Riviera revellers enjoyed a beach barbecue ahead of taking in a glorious sunset

New friendships were made and existing friendships were strengthened on the R Marine Crawley escape, highlighting the enduring bond and camaraderie of the Riviera family

The spectacular waters and weather of southern Queensland provided the perfect setting for another Riviera boating adventure

The Riviera family lands ashore at Deanbilla Bay in Dunwich on North Stradbroke Island

The Riviera flotilla left Sovereign Islands early on Saturday morning

View or download R Marine Crawley Australia Day Weekend video here 2:19 min

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