The Finest Construction Methods

Exacting Detail

State-of-the-art digital kitting is utilised to precisely cut all fibreglass and structural foams for the lamination process to ensure that each component fits perfectly.

Precision Joinery

The finest quality joinery is created by exacting CNC precision-cut timbers with all cabinets hand built by master craftspeople.

Superior Finish

Each mould is thoroughly inspected, cleaned and waxed before the initial application of isophthalic gelcoat is sprayed to provide a high gloss and superior water and fade resistant finish.

Sleek Exterior Elements

Closed moulding techniques are utilised to manufacture small parts where these precise components require lighter weight and very high quality finishes.

Rich Timber Finishes

The superior internal varnished finishes are achieved by a robotic varnish machine which has a humidified drying room to cure the painted surface. Up to five coats of varnish are applied.

Immense Durability

Riviera hulls are hand-laid with multi or quad fibreglass matting over core materials such as foam and sealed with vinyl ester resin, due to its superior ability to withstand water absorption.

Handcrafted Strength

Hull construction is a very intricate and skilled process and hand-laid fibreglass construction is far superior in strength to any other method.

Reassuring Hull Structure

The hull and deck surface finishes have great impact resistance. A finished hull can be almost 20 mm thick – solid fibreglass below the waterline with great strength where it matters most.

Enduring Strength

Major structural components of a Riviera yacht are manufactured from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) to give immense strength and service life to the yacht.

Substantial Hull and Deck Join

To produce a high-strength and watertight connection, the joining of the hull and deck is a three-stage process that involves bonding, bolting and internal fibreglass strapping.

Engineered Fuel Tanks

All fuel tanks fitted to a Riviera yacht are manufactured from GRP with fire-retardant resin, have structural internal baffles for stability and are fibreglassed in place to create great structural strength.

Wiring Looms and Water Lines

All wiring looms, air-conditioning and water lines are colour-coded and tagged for precision and identification.

Extensive Sea Trials

Each yacht spends two days being prepared for sea trials and then 4 to 6 hours being put through its paces with an engineer, electrician and engine manufacturer’s representative onboard.

Finest Leathers

From elegantly understated to magnificently bold, only the finest, hand-selected premium New Zealand leathers are used.

Exceptional Timbers

Superior-grade timbers have been hand-selected including walnut, cherry, oak, teak and wenge to allow the personalisation of your yacht.

Gleaming Stainless Steel

All exterior stainless steel is crafted from high-quality 316 grade which offers better overall corrosion-resistance properties.

Advanced Windscreens and Windows

Riviera glass windscreens are fabricated in premium-grade curved glass and all windows offer resistance to thermal transfer.

Superior Sliding Windows

Every Riviera features durable and corrosion-resistant, anodised aluminium sliding side windows.

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