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Start your career in the boating industry with australia’s largest premium luxury motor yacht builder

Give yourself the best possible start with an apprenticeship with Australia’s largest and most awarded boat builder.

For over 40 years, Riviera has designed, built and launched more than 5,700 motor yachts that are today cruising the great rivers, lakes, seas and oceans of the world. In this period of time, Riviera has developed the careers of hundreds of master craftspeople many of whom have been recognised and awarded for their excellence.

Indeed Riviera apprentices are highly valued and regarded nationally and internationally such is the depth of skills and life training offered through the unique Riviera apprentice training program.

Riviera 40 Years of Excellence Logo

If you have a strong sense of self motivation and a passion for excellence, Riviera would like to hear from you.

There are two types of apprenticeships offered by Riviera, either a school-based (part-time) or full-time apprenticeship.