The Gold Coast lights up with luxury for the R Marine Jones Riviera Raft-Up

Australia’s premier luxury motor yacht builder, Riviera, has held one of its largest overnight Raft-Up’s on the Gold Coast, with a total of 37 yachts rafting together, to share in the spirit of the festive season and their love of Australia’s most popular luxury motor yachts.

Following months of behind the scenes planning, R Marine Jones, the Riviera and Belize representatives based at Coomera, welcomed a procession of 37 yachts into the harbour at Calypso Bay on Saturday morning. Gliding in at their allotted time slots to form a striking arc, the yachts ranged from a 3000 Offshore to a 68 Sports Motor Yacht.

Riviera’s Raft-Ups, held around the country, are just one of over 100 exclusive events marked on the boating calendar for Riviera owners to celebrate and share their passion for their luxury motor yachts. These raft-up’s are an opportunity to enjoy some festive cheer and relish the unique camaraderie shared between Riviera owners.

The R Marine Jones team played Santa Claus, hopping from yacht to yacht, delivering gifts and costumes, spreading Christmas cheer. Arming the ‘Riv kids’ with handfuls of glow sticks, their grins stretched from ear to ear, a good indication that all were having a fantastic time.

As dusk arrived, the band kicked off with some standard favourites, as old and new friends enjoyed a chilled bottle of Tasmanian wine and some fresh king prawns provided for the occasion. The laser light show that followed had even the most time-honoured guests in awe as the colourful beams of light pierced the night sky.

Seasoned skipper, Regan Fleming and his family, arrived back to the Gold Coast aboard their Riviera 68 Sports Motor Yacht only weeks before the Raft-Up. Returning from an epic 7000 nautical miles cruise through the Pacific, they were keen to share and swap stories with their fellow Riviera adventurers.

“The R Marine Jones Raft up was fantastic. As always, a very well organised event by Randall and his experienced team. It was great to catch up with fellow Riviera owners over some fresh prawns, a few drinks and some great live music. It was also a good opportunity for us to share stories and videos of our Pacific trip this year with other Riviera owners as well,” Regan reminisced following the raft-up.

Tony Borgia purchased his Belize Daybridge from R Marine Jones only a matter of weeks prior and was thrilled to bring his “Aqua Bella” to the raft-up.

“The timing was perfect to show our friends our new boat, the beautiful Belize Daybridge”, stated Mr Borgia.

“The music and laser show were spectacular and what a way to celebrate Christmas and the end of 2019. We would thoroughly recommend the raft-up experience to all Riviera and Belize owners as a way to meet new friends and to see all the different boats that Riviera has to offer. Thank you to R Marine Jones for putting on a spectacular event, their planning and execution was first class”.

Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst enjoys the Riviera family bond. Exclusive events such as these raft-up’s, foster friendships and new connections among the growing Riviera boating community.

“The Riviera Raft-Up’s bring together our Riviera family of owners in a relaxed and unique atmosphere to share in the pleasure of Riviera ownership. These incredible events allow owners to share stories and inspire each other to new adventures on the water,” Rodney Longhurst added.

By Sunday lunchtime, old and new friends began to depart the raft-up and head home, thanks again to the well-orchestrated plan of the R Marine Jones team.

Riviera is Australia’s most-awarded builder of luxury motor yachts. In 2020, Riviera will celebrate its 40th anniversary and the launching of more than 5,600 motor yachts that are regarded and celebrated as one of the finest motor yachts in the world. Riviera is renowned for their owner support, and the annual Gold Coast R Marine Jones Raft-Up, is just one of many popular events held the world-over by the Riviera and Belize representative network.


It’s party time. The friendships that are created and renewed at events such as this, make the Riviera family so special.

An incredible spectacle, as 37 yachts raft-up on the Gold Coast at Calypso Bay.

Riviera yachts almost as far as the eye can see.

The twilight hour as owners, their family and friends prepare for the evenings celebrations.

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