Wes Moxey

Wes Moxey’s history with Riviera dates back to the company’s formative years in Labrador, which is 15 kilometres south of the current Riviera Coomera manufacturing facility, and the launch of the Riviera 30. Wes joined Riviera in 1982 as a shipwright, just two years after the company was founded in 1980. He was later promoted to Production Manager in 1987 and then Managing Director in 1998.

His extensive marine experience and boat building knowledge fuelled his rise to the challenge of CEO in 2000 where he oversaw the move to the company’s 14-hectare state-of-the-art Coomera facility. In 2008 he took a three-year sabbatical from Riviera during which time he developed the Belize Motoryacht line. Wes returned to the Riviera helm in 2012 and under his leadership and guidance, the company is moving forward and gaining further strength and momentum with a dedicated investment into new model development.