Riviera reveals exceptional record Sanctuary Cove line-up

As Riviera celebrates the launch of its 6,000th motor yacht, visitors to the upcoming Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show will be able to view the world premiere of an innovative new yacht among Riviera’s showcase.

Australia’s premium luxury motor yacht builder will proudly host the world premiere of an exceptional new yacht as part of a record showcase at the 2024 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show beginning on May 23.

The magnificent yet-to-be-announced new yacht will be the centrepiece of the Riviera display. She has been developed by the Riviera design team in collaboration with award-winning superyacht designer Luca Vallebona.

Riviera Australia owner Rodney Longhurst said: “We are delighted to again work with Luca on an outstanding new yacht that is certain to inspire our owners and visitors to our display.

“Our grand showcase represents the very latest in world-class design and will be Riviera’s only boat show display in Australia in 2024.

“Riviera has just reached an historic milestone with the launching of our 6,000th motor yacht and we are very proud to include this yacht, a 5400 Sport Yacht Platinum Edition, in our showcase.

“Visitors will be able to fully appreciate the quality, practicality and luxury among our showcase yachts that have earned Riviera international regard. They truly represent our legendary blue-water pedigree, immense luxury and smart technology that makes boating with Riviera easier and more pleasurable.”

Riviera reveals magnificent 2024 Sanctuary Cove line-up

Riviera Motor Yacht on display: A truly sophisticated yacht, the 78 reflects the supreme skills of Riviera’s craftspeople. She offers owners the opportunity for multiple dining, entertaining and relaxing spaces for parties, family gatherings or quieter moments.

Riviera Sports Motor Yachts on display: The Riviera SMYs offer long-range cruising capabilities with new levels of luxury, design and structural superiority. Sporting looks, all water sports cockpit and sports performance all with the unique Riviera alfresco deck, can be experienced aboard the 72, 64, 58, 50 and 46 models on display.

Riviera Sport Yacht Platinum Editions on display: Offering sophisticated and distinctive designer styling, immense luxury and inspired performance with flowing single-level indoor-outdoor spaces, the showcase will include the 6,000th Riviera, a 5400, as well as 6000 and 4600 models.

Riviera SUVs on display: Sporty and adventurous, the SUV combines the proven blue-water hull pedigree and sporting cockpit of the lauded Riviera Sports Motor Yachts with the single-level living features so enjoyed by Sport Yacht owners. The showcase will include the 585, 505, and 465 models.

Belize Motor Yacht on display: Offering the pleasure of semi-custom motor yachts that exude a traditionally elegant ethos, reminiscent of the classic Downeast style, the Belize 54 Daybridge will be on show at Sanctuary Cove.

Mr Longhurst said: “Our showcase will provide a unique opportunity in one convenient location to experience Riviera today, the finest yachts we have ever designed and built.

“These motor yachts are world class in every respect; so quiet and smooth, so technically superior, so luxurious and just so capable offshore.

“Our team of 950 craftspeople work in an ever-evolving and more technically advanced facility, continuing to refine the design and quality of our yachts.”

Festival of Boating to be held at the Riviera showcase at Sanctuary Cove

The 2024 display will also host the unique Riviera Festival of Boating across three days aboard multiple Riviera yachts and the floating Riviera owners’ lounge.

Riviera owners are exclusively invited to participate in a program of introductory and advanced boating education and training workshops, including ladies’ skippers, essential weather, navigation, offshore seamanship, radar, safe anchoring and mooring, preventative maintenance, safety, thermal imaging, and power management. All of these programs are designed to encourage Riviera owners and their families to enjoy the ultimate boating experience.

A number of exclusive social events also form part of the festival calendar, including the Riviera owners’ ladies’ luncheon and a series of spectacular gala events.

Riviera owners can consult their Riviera dealership for details.

Where to find the spectacular Riviera showcase at Sanctuary Cove

Mr Longhurst said: “We look forward to welcoming guests aboard our premium collection of Riviera luxury motor yachts at the Riviera showcase on H Arm at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show from May 23.”

The grand Riviera showcase will feature the world premiere of a yet-to-be-announced exceptional new luxury motor yacht

Riviera will proudly host a record showcase at the 2024 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show beginning on May 23.

Visitors will be able to inspect the flagship Riviera 78 Motor Yacht.

Visitors will be able to inspect select models from the sophisticated Riviera Sport Yacht collection.

Riviera owners are exclusively invited to the Riviera Festival of Boating. A series of social events also form part of the festival calendar.

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